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God calls us to Abundant Life – a Life Without Limit. Most of us settle for something less. We let fear hold us back. We accept less than abundance. Sometimes we even pass those limits on to our kids. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can live Life Without Limit. It is possible. Join us this Fall as we discover how and then Practice it in our day to day lives.

Key Dates

Registration Begins 9.14.08
Sermon Series Begins 9.28.08
Practice Groups Kickoff 9.28.08
Impact Sunday 10.12.08
Final Sermon 11.16.08

How do I start a small group?

There are some things we need to understand when it comes to Life Without Limit. The first is that you don’t live it by thinking it. You live Life Without Limit by practicing it. Secondly, you don’t live it by yourself. You live Life Without Limit together.

Practice Groups help us to do both. Practice Groups allow us to put these principles into practice in a group of people that you know and trust. They can encourage you to grow. We are inviting everyone to form their own Practice Groups that work for them.

Practice Groups are easy to create. Begin by identifying someone or some family that you’d like to team up with for the next 8 weeks. It could be your neighbors, a co-worker or two, a sister or brother; it could be some of your kid’s friends down the street. They don’t have to be in the church or even that spiritual. You just want someone who wants to live a Life Without Limit too.

Then invite them to join you. We’ll have CD’s available on 9.14.08 to explain the program. Plus we’ve got invitation cards that you can use to explain the concept. Lay it out for your friend and then ask them if they could commit to listen to the sermon each week and then spend an hour with you kicking it around.

Set the time and date, make it a priority and then begin living Life Without Limit.


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